Thursday, July 30, 2009

The latest at GolfSigma.

As you all know we are in fact a search engine for your next tee time. But a search engine without all the information or old data is not one that is going to be too popular for too long. We have taken a step back and decided that we were not happy with some of the results that were we obtaining, for various reasons. You will notice an immediate change in the data that is returned for a tee time search. Faster by a factor of 15 and many more tee times will populate the search results. We have made countless changes to our system both software wise and hardware to speed up the entire process because our tee time inventory is growing so rapidly. We have added processing power and load balancing to handle the additional server load both on the user side our and production side, providing our user with a faster and more comprehensive search than ever before.

So what is next?

Now that we have concentrated on getting current tee time’s inventory and as many tee times as possible for our current search partners, we are turning our focus to Search. What good is it if we have the most comprehensive and largest amount of inventory of tee times and the user cannot find what they are looking for? We are going to make it easier and faster to find the tee time search results that our users are looking for, as simple as that. Guaranteed, it will be unlike anything you have seen in the golf industry to date. Tearing down the borders of our current tee time search algorithms will have many benefits for our users and advertisers both. And who knows, with the removal of these borders, you may see the first glimpse of an international tee time search engine.

Beyond this?

Ummm. I could ramble on here, but very high on the list, is a way to connect people who want to reach our golfers. More to come.

Always happening.

It will be a never ending process to add inventory / golf courses. So don’t ever think that we are done adding courses to search for tee times. The goal – The Sum of all Golf!