Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What we have been up to....

What’s new is very simple stated, stability. Our new platform has provided us with the means to grow our tee time inventory, (currently around 5 million tee times) and increase our courses count, while maintaining the delivery of super fast search results. Now we will continue on our quest to try and search ever and any course that has an online presence.

We have added a quick link directory to show you some of the more popular golfing destinations. You can access that from the home page or just click here to take a look. Remember that these are just a few of the popular cities; you should be able to find any US city that has a golf course within a 50 mile radius.
We have also added a Forum that talks about everything golf. Have a swing tip, a golf joke (keep it clean), a predicted winner at the next PGA tour event (Tiger), head on over to the new Forum. We welcome your participation and look forward to meeting you in the Forum.
Hard to believe, but 25,000 Tweeps have decided to follow us on Twitter. If you are into Twitter and Facebook keep up to date with the latest. One thing I can guarantee is you will not see any posting about my golf game. (I do not want to be responsible for anybody injuring themselves by laughing to hard). Umm with all the Swing Instructions that are advertised on Twitter I wonder if any of them work?
We have also added a FAQ section which currently has very few questions, which is what we fully expect due to the ease of use of GolfSigma.
Ah one last item to mention, Sigma Ads. We have installed our own ad server in an attempt to accomplish two goals; deliver pertinent golf ads to your specific area, and hopes to help fund our endeavor. For our viewers we expect that they will see very exciting golf promotions from courses and other advertisers. Why will the advertisers be interested, because GolfSigma is one of the best sites to reach golfers, who else is on the site? Win, Win, Win……

As always, more to come…….