Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The new GolfSigma has been released to the golfers of the world and the feedback has been very good!

  • Faster
  • More tee times
  • More courses
  • Easier to search
  • Easy to use reviews
  • Like the snapshot info

These are just some of the comments that we have received.

But before I go too far I want to thank all of you who have been leaving reviews and entering our contest. I would like to thank our winner, Gary from IL, who was the winner of the ProV1’s. Gary left the review you see here and was chosen among the 100 entries that we received that qualified for the contest. Thanks to you all!

Reading reviews on GolfSigma is easy, search for the course under the course tab and once you find the course check out the review tab. Ah searching for the course is pretty cool; there are several different ways to perform that search.

  • Enter the course name or any part of the course name
  • Enter the town, or city
  • zip code
  • address
Writing a review, same as above except you need to register to use the site. Don’t worry it is free. Go to the upper right hand corner and click on sign in. This will take you to our simple sign in page that you can use one of your already created Twitter, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, AOL or Open Id accounts. Sign in with one of those accounts and write your review. Fast and simple, just like finding your next tee time on GolfSigma, with no new password to remember. Give the course your 1 – 5 star rating and tell us all what you think.
So after that next round of golf let us know what you thought of the course, or maybe you have a favorite you want to tell us about, or even a not so favorite, share it with us.
Just like the rest of GolfSigma, it is fast and free!
Have a great summer, play golf and tell everyone about GolfSigma! :)

Soooooo much more to come!