Sunday, January 17, 2010

It’s all about tee times.

More courses have been added to our search engine as we work our way across the country. (Country at least for now) We continually look for web sites to search and this time several sites have reached out to us. We have just added some new inventory in one of the best golf destinations in the US, Palm Springs California.

In addition to adding additional inventory, we are now searching tee times for 10 more new courses in the Palm Springs area. As we spider our way across the nation we look to find sites, golf courses, and tee time providers that will let us display their tee times. Believe me we are asking them all.

Another great US golf destination has also been added, Myrtle Beach South Carolina. The new course, Myrtle Beach TPC is displaying tee times and we look to add as many courses as possible in the wonderful golf destination.

We have developed a rule in our small company, and that is not to talk about features and providers that we are working on but have not released. So I will not tell you about the new courses that we are working on or all the new back end stuff that we have been jamming on, I hate this policy.

So the next time I talk I hope to expound upon these new things. But for now, keep up the killer work on the tech and more tee times are coming your way.

SOOOOOOOO Much more to come.......