Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How close are we?

Well it depends what aspect of GolfSigma you are asking about. Ad server - there, stability - there, adding courses - never ending, speed – there, proximity finder – there. What is that all about, proximity finder?

Well it is very obvious that most golfers know their home town and have no need to know how far away their favorite courses are. Ah, but what happens when you want to play golf out of town and use GolfSigma. Most of us probably would not know which courses are around the area that we will be staying, thus making the best tee time search engine, GolfSigma, a difficult tool to use.
So once again the CTO, in a stroke of brilliance, took GolfSigma to the next level and has used some state – of – the – art technology to solve this problem in a very cool and easy to use fashion. After we serve up your search results in a nanosecond, well maybe a millisecond, you can type in any address in the “Sort by distance from address:” search box. Quickly, we will sort your search results by distance from the address that you entered and also display how far the course is from your address. Problem solved!
Umm are we gearing up for long range tee times and the traveling golfer? You bet! How close are we?

More to come.