Saturday, September 4, 2010

3000 Courses, but who is counting?

Remember when the net first started and you wanted to travel somewhere, before Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz and now Kayak? You would waste your time going to all the different airline sites and or hotel sites to do your research and figure out who had the right deal for you. Would you even consider doing that today, NO WAY?

Then why would you still do that today when you are looking for your next tee time? GolfSigma does all the work for you searching over 40 sites and 3000 courses and putting all the information, you need in one concise screen.

So the question is did you GolfSigma today, or maybe better yet why didn’t you GolfSigma today?

All right maybe that is a little like blowing our own horn, yes it is, but so many of our users go wow this is a no brainer when they find us.

Now we have added a new golf course directory that, ok blowing our own horn again, that is the best golf course directory that is out there. We have spent soooooooooo many hours researching the latest golf course information that “golfers” want to know, to see if this is the golf course you really want to play. We have also gone through great effort to furnish you with a link to the golf course web site, (we know you will come back to visit us soon)!

Oh, after you play leave your review / comments and tell the world what you think of the course. Always nice to the opinions of others that have played a course to help you make a buying decision.

One last note. Both our users and golf contacts have asked us about offering deals on our site and we are close to offering a solution, at least starting in the Phoenix area very soon. We are always concerned that whatever we do we want to make sure it is good for the golf industry and we believe what lies ahead will give the industry a new way to reach out to their customers.

More to come, as you know I am forbade about speaking about futures…….

Up next 3000 + courses and I am counting!!!!!

Soooo much more to come.......