Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Gulf Coast of Mississippi

Our mission is to have any golf course that has online tee times on GolfSigma so your first thought when you go to book your next tee time is GolfSigma. With that said, GolfSigma is pleased to announce the addition of 13 new golf courses in the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.

New Mississippi Golf Courses

· The Preserve Golf Club
· Windance Country Club
· Grand Bear Golf Club
· Shell Landing Golf Club
· The Bridges Golf Club at Hollywood Casino
· The Oaks Golf Club
· Pass Christian Isles Golf Club
· Diamondhead - Cardinal
· Diamondhead C.C. - Pine
· Great Southern Golf Club
· Sunkist Country Club
· Mississippi National Golf Club
· Dogwood Hills Golf Club

Golf destinations are very desirable for all golfers and we continue to add more golf destinations. Recently we added Palm Springs and we have started searching some of the courses in Myrtle Beach. So many more to search (and we are working on all of them!)….
For our cold weather friends, as the snow melts and courses start to reopen in the northern part of the US, GolfSigma will start searching and displaying their tee times automatically. So if you are in getting ready for the upcoming golf season, remember to start your search on http://www.golfsigma.com/.

We have been collecting information from a survey that we have included in our emails and wanted to share some of the survey results. We have found that golfers will search three different web sites and consider up to five different golf courses prior to making their tee time decision. Golfers also said that the cheapest price at a course is not always the main deciding factor, the actual tee time sometimes was much more important than saving a few dollars.

Rest assured we all realize that finding a tee time for your next round of golf is not always the easiest thing to do. Trying to take all the variables into consideration, time, price, course, location, weather, daylight, and of course, can my friends make the time, are just some of the issues that you need to consider.
Until GolfSigma came along, there was not one place to go to see the answers to all these questions. So stick with GolfSigma and watch us add more courses, here there and ….. New features, new tools, all created to make finding your next tee time easier, faster and enjoyable.

For today we will present you with the addtional tee times of The Gulf Coast of Mississippi.
Stay tuned more to come.....