Thursday, April 1, 2010

“Best Rate Guarantee”

“Best rate guarantee”, is a new trend in the golf industry for selling tee times that deserves the consumer’s attention. This marketing initiative is a takeoff from the hotel industry and seems to be catching on with certain golf courses and golf management companies.
Why do I bring it up, because GolfSigma’s commitment to displaying all tee times, retail, wholesale, packagers, canners, discount, rack, distressed, not distressed, long rage and short range, and whatever you want to call a rate, including best rate guarantee are all part of GolfSigma’s search results. (Well maybe not the “Canners”)

Do we distinguish this rate from any other rates in the tee time detail window, nope. I have stated before, see previous blogs, that price is only one small part of booking your next tee time, from what our customers have told us. As we have maintained from the launch of GolfSigma, we do not call your attention to any one particular tee time, as we realize what works for you may not work for the next golfer.
So to paraphrase a great slogan from a wonderful airline (Southwest), “You are free to move about the tee time detail window.”

Why bring up this rate issue anyway? I just wanted to let our golfers know that we are showing this new rate where we can, and are working with the technology providers where needed to expand this strategy where ever we can search it.

By the way, not that we are “Nuts about Southwest Airlines”, but golfers have to love em….Golf Bags Fly Free!!!!!! (And that is the second best golf tip I can give you)

More to come….. Oh so much more to come.
First best golf tip?