Monday, August 31, 2009

300 more courses added!!!

We said it before; that we want to display the tee times of every golf course that is able to book online, on GolfSigma. This past weekend we put on quite a few more courses, 335 more to be exact, this should make our Michigan, New Jersey, South Carolina, New York, and Wisconsin golfers very happy. Those are not the only states that we added courses to, but that is where 50% of the courses were added! So if you are in those areas take a look and see if you recognize any of our new additions. If you are not in those areas you should still take a quick look at your area and see what courses we have added.

Another cool part that is starting to emerge from GolfSigma is that we are becoming the place to start your tee time search when you are going to be traveling and playing golf. Some tee time sources are going out further than a few days making planning your vacation golf easier with the help of GolfSigma. Providing our golfers with long range tee times is a main focus of GolfSigma and we are continually working toward that goal. Hopefully in the very near future we can announce another relationship that will bring many new courses with extended range tee times.

Oh yeah, a nice detailed course directory that has golfer needed info……ummmm soon.


More to come……