Friday, August 21, 2009

In The Bag.

If you have been to GolfSigma before, hopefully you have had a chance to revisit and experience the speed and quality of the site today. We have worked long hours trying to tweak the engine to produce timely results without the “Opps” message popping up, and yes we have accomplished our goal.

Along the way we have managed to simplify search and eliminate one complete page/step from the process of finding your next tee time. The number of courses has grown to over 2700 and the inventory of tee times continues to grow past two million and GolfSigma keeps returning search results with unbelievable speeds. All of these changes have been made with one person in mind, you our user!

It would have been fun to implement many of the cool ideas that we have, but we want our core business, search, to be working as good and correctly as possible. With over one full week (in the bag) of great performance behind us, we are now back to adding features, courses, more tee times, ads, (need to make some money) and some cool stuff.

Till the next time, more to come………..