Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why GolfSigma?

Well the results are in, and over 90% of the golfers that responded to our survey have stated that they check more than one web site before booking their next tee time, with a high percentage of these golfers checking more than two sites before they select their next tee time. A very interesting pattern did ring through on the survey, that price was not always the driving factor to continue the search of various tee time sites. Not all tee time sites have the same price and they definitely do not all have the same tee time availability, so finding the best time at the right price is what golfers are trying to find. Enter GolfSigma…..

The goal of GolfSigma is to save golfers time by giving them one site to find their next tee time. Making the visit to GolfSigma fast, easy and present as many course’s tee times as possible in a grid presentation that makes it very easy for the golfer to make that tee time decision. As GolfSigma evolves, more courses, more web sites, more tee times, more areas will be added, and a longer range of tee time availability.

Another cool part about GolfSigma is the business model that benefits the user, Golfers. GolfSigma is a search engine and to that point the tee times presented to the golfer have no additional fees added to them and there is no cost to a golfer to use GolfSigma. GolfSigma takes this concept one step further and has elected to not even book the golfers round of golf, but instead transfer them to their selected tee time site so they may book directly and confidently on the web site of their choice.

Bookmark us and check back with us as we continue the evolution of GolfSigma…. More to come